Basics of Narrative Organizational Development


A narrative company can make hidden things visible, bring knowledge back into flow and discover new possibilities for action. The basic attitude of narrative thinking and working as well as methods of narrative working in all essential contexts of organizational consulting will be convey on a systemic basis – from coaching to development and change processes.


Dipl.-Psych. Christine Erlach, Prof. Dr. Michael Müller, Wolfgang Tonninger, Jacques Chlopczyk


HdM Transfer- und Weiterbildungsgesellschaft mbH

Price for the whole training “Basics of Narrative Organizational Development” (11 modules):

  • 2.490 € Regular
  • 1.990 € Corona-Price
  • 1.290 € scholarship – we offer a limited number of sponsored tickets – please contact us, if you cannot afford the “Corona-Price”
    • plus VAT
    • incl. seminar documents
    • (Payable in installments upon request)
Session 1:

Check In – entering the narrative World,

14. January 2022
Session 2:

Roles in narrative organisational development,

28. January 2022
Session 3:

Story-Listening – Learning how to use a Story Board to tell the team-story,

18. February 2022
Session 4:

Learn to work with Narrative Timelines between Landscape of Action & Landscape of Identity,

25. March 2022
Session 5:

Narrative visions, Narrative strategies and the future story,

29. April 2022
Session 6:

Story Co-Creation – Learn how to develope the core story in teams.,

20. May 2022
Session 7:

Story -Doing – Ways to re-author organisations,

30. September 2022
Session 8:

Closing & celebration,

28. October 2022

In addition to the mandatory sessions, three optional sessions must be attended. The range of optional sessions and the dates can be found here:

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